About us

  • We inherit and adopt proven Traditional confinement care methodologies and the latest scientific nursing care practices and concepts, advanced equipment and facilities to restore, rejuvenate and pamper our mothers. We take care of all newborns with motherly love and dedication.
  • Our own in-house proprietary confinement centre management and service care systems are the first in the industry.
  • To meet the different needs of our mothers, our Amazing Premium Confinement Centres offers a luxurious and comfortable 5 star environment while our Amazing Value Confinement Centres provides a cozy and homely environment with the same standards of care and love for your and your babies.
  • Amazing is always striving to establish standards in the postpartum & postnatal care industry as an emerging market leader. Our founders work hand in hand with the Malaysian government and leading universities to conduct certified and high quality postpartum & postnatal care courses to create jobs, training and certifying aspiring professionals to provide quality services to all mothers and their precious newborns.