Congratulations to the Mommy & Daddy-to-be! Having a Baby can be one of the greatest moments in parent’s life.  The birth of a Baby is a blessing and the gift of a wonderful journey through many wonderful first experiences for the new Mom and Dad. After the birth of a child, a woman’s body struggles to return to its pre-pregnancy state. This recovery period, called the Confinement Period, is characterized by many different practices, depending on our roots and culture. The Chinese refer to confinement as “Zhuo Yue”, which is literally translated into “sitting still for a month”. Confinement period is a month long period full of joy. In conjunction with the welcoming arrival of a new born Baby, it is important for the new Mom to go through this important period with ease and maintain a healthy body.

In order to meet the arrival of new life, Mother needs to learning new skills and parenting knowledge together with taking care of the Baby, breastfeed, change diapers, bathe for the Baby and many other tasks, she is often deprived of much-needed rest. Taking care of the Baby could be very tiring, tedious and burdening not only to the Mother but also to the Father, especially if they are new Mother and Father.

As such, Amazing Confinement Care Centre provide a complete postpartum care and services to the Mother, the Father and the new born Baby throughout the confinement period. We not only provides a comfortable space, it is for mothers to get full rest quiet, tone the body, mind, spirit of post-natal care to restore physical environment. Remember, relaxing during the confinement period, would bring health & happiness throughout your life.


Amazing care for an amazing life!

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