The story behind Amazing Postnatal Care is very personal. Our founder herself is a mother and she of all people, understands what a mother has to go through after childbirth. During her first confinement, she was ill-informed and couldn’t provide the best for her firstborn. She would never want any mother to experience what she had been through and vowed to help other mothers.

And that is how Amazing Postnatal Care was born. Here is where you will find the greatest confinement care and guidance, where staff are professionally trained with renowned partner academy so mothers will have peace of mind, knowing that both they and their babies are in good hands.

Every mother and newborn in Amazing will receive undivided attention from our staff, ensuring a smooth and comfortable confinement in an environment that feels like second home. We provide a sanctuary that’s optimal for recovery, prioritising comfort and serenity in a centre that’s driven by safety and technology.

Mothers will learn from the best how to take care of themselves and their newborn, all while having qualified doctors, lactation consultants and dieticians alongside. We introduce a variety of healthy diets to mothers and provide facilities like yoga, facial and hairdressing for their well-being. Amazing promises a gratifying confinement experience, because it is its founder’s mission to provide the best help to her fellow mothers.


Amazing care for an amazing life!

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