Vinegar Pork Trotters

Vinegar pork trotters is the best product for confinement women. It is also suitable for people who have a cold body or who are chronically ill and physically weak. The vinegar of pork trotters dispels cold, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, and can also help the uterus to contract. It has significant effects such as milk promotion, beauty and nourishment. Pork trotters contain a lot of calcium, and ginger vinegar can soften it and promote the body to absorb calcium. It is especially suitable for women after childbirth to nourish the body. Eggs contain eight essential amino acids, a variety of minerals and vitamins. The ingredients are of great benefit to the maternal body.


  Recipe Ingredient:
Half a stick of sweet vinegar
Half a black vinegar
A pork trotters
80g brown sugar (sweetness can be adjusted)
80g light soy sauce
200g ginger
Shelled boiled eggs (add according to personal preference)


1. The pig's trotters are clean, washed, cut into pieces, and drained
2. Peel the ginger (depends), wash and cut into thick slices
3. Do not put oil in the pot, dry the water first, fry the pig's trotters to dry out water, then set it aside, continue to add the ginger slices and repeatedly fry the water over a low fire
4. Take another casserole and wash, dry the water on a low fire, put the ginger slices in the pot, pour in sweet vinegar and black vinegar, and cook for half an hour on a low fire
5. After the ginger vinegar is boiled, put the pig's trotters and eggs boil for 1 hour.
6. After an hour, add brown sugar and light soy sauce, cover and simmer for another half an hour. If you like softer, you can simmer for 45 minutes.