Stewed pork trotters with soybeans

Stewed pork trotters with soybeans is very suitable for lactation of parturient after caesarean section. Pig's trotters are rich in collagen, low in fat, and have the effect of milking.


  Recipe Ingredient:
300g pork trotters
200g soybeans
A pinch of salt
30ml rice wine
10g ginger
Chopped green onion


1. Soak the soybeans for 1 hour in advance and set aside
2. Wash and slice ginger, cut green onion into sections
3. After scalding the trotters with boiling water, pluck the hair off, cut into large pieces, add water and ginger slices to boil, skim the blood foam
4. Pour in rice wine, add soybeans, cover, simmer over low heat; when it is half crisp, add refined salt, and cook for 1 hour
5. Just sprinkle with chopped green onion when serving