Sesame oil kidney

In maternal confinement, sesame oil chicken, sesame oil pork liver and sesame oil kidney are all great tonic dishes. Sesame oil kidney is the most tonic for the waist and kidney, and it is effective for urinary excretion and cold waist and feet of parturient. People who are particular about it will eat sesame oil pork liver and sesame oil kidneys in the first and second weeks of confinement to drain blood and supplement blood. Confinement dishes should be cooked with black sesame oil and rice wine. Less salt will not affect the milk. In addition, akimbo and weak feet, bending over and dragging feet, are also suitable for eating sesame oil kidney flowers, which can strengthen the waist.


  Recipe Ingredient:
1 pair pork kidney
8 slices ginger
250ml rice wine
4 tbsp sesame oil
½ tsp salt
Chopped green onion


1. Cut the pork kidney to remove the white tendons, rinse, cut out grid on surface and then cut into small pieces
2. Boil half pot of water, add the pork kidney and blanch them, immediately remove and set aside
3. Heat sesame oil in a wok, turn to low heat, add sliced ​​ginger and stir-fry until it is slightly browned
4. Put in the pork kidneys and stir fry for a few times
5. Add rice wine and simmer for a while until no bloodshot, season with a little salt
6. Stir-fry and serve, sprinkle in chopped green onion